Sunday, November 30, 2008

Max at 8 Months

Guess he didn't wanna wear papa's hat...

Mommy caught him getting into something he shouldn't have...

Also something he shouldn't have....

After eyeballing our dinner, we gave him some of his own. This is what he did with it :P

This probably lasted 6 minutes...

Ready for the bath!

Happy Halloween to Max!

Our Punkin channelsurfing on Halloween!
Thanks to Aunt and Uncle Slaydon for the sweet costume!

A little pumpkin for our little punkin

Visiting Nanny Goat

Molesting Gizmo! Our kitties are great sports, they've really taken to him.

Sittin up all by himself!

Lots of firsts

Sleeping for the first time like a big boy... Without a swaddle and not having been rocked for an hour or so. Note though he did have to cry himself into this state. Poor 'lil guy...

First Demolition Derby... Extremely rich and authentic American experience!

First Swing!

And we just love this one :P

New Life, Moved to Grand Rapids... From Dancers to Teachers

Well we moved to Grand Rapids Minnesota on the weekend of my 29th birthday. Max here is four months old.
When we had some time to relax we went to Blandin beach where Max, Julie and I enjoyed the water and the beautiful weather.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

IT'S A BOY! Birth to 3 Months

We welcomed our baby boy Maximus William Blake on March 30th at 7:48 pm. He weighed in at 8.8 lbs and measured 20.5 inches long. Who would've thought that we could make such a big baby! In this picture he is literally less than a minute old.

And here is a lil movie that was filmed when he was about 2 days old. We thought he needed to be burped and he is soo cute here, enjoy!

Finally, on the 2nd we got to leave the hospital! Below we have lil Maximus embarking on his very first car ride! :)

Well, that concludes the month of March. Since Julie and I are a bit late in getting around to creating this blog for our little booger, we're gonna go ahead and catch up all the months that have already passed in this post. Then we'll keep it up to date as the months roll by.

April- '08
Here he is in his first week at home

Hahaha, well to be honest in this shot he reminds me of Stewie from
The Family Guy.

He is already growing so fast, I think this is the first time he was put in his crib.


So we decided to get him his adult bed a little early :P

His little Boots

Ahh... A rare sight these days...

Julie insisted on taking this sappy photo, but I must admit it is kinda cute!

The new on the block, going out for a stroll wearing his
sunglasses for the first time. :)


Playtime in his crib.

Bathtime, often the only cure for a fussy period. He LOVES his baths.

Mommy loves on her baby.

The Blakes X 2.5

Literally the first time he's touched the grass.
Watchin some TV. You can see here what we fondly refer to
as his doorbell.
Putting on "Blue Steel" for the cameras!
YAY! And, that's June... Tune in next month for more pics and updates.
Well, add some backdated movies too!